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About Harps International

Peter Reis was a retired naval officer and attorney when he followed his passion and began exporting harps from the US to Europe in 1986. The business rapidly expanded to offer all sizes of lever and pedal harps supplied globally, and through sales, rental and rent-to-own.  

By working together with harpists, Peter has developed a reputation for understanding the unique needs of very different musicians -- from world class performing artists to brand new students. For more than 25 years, he has provided harps to many of the world's leading soloists, as well as to students, teachers, schools and amateurs.

His goal is that every one of his clients is completely happy with their new (or used) harp.

“Our passion at Harps International is the harp. We specialize in finding harps with wonderful sound quality that are in excellent cosmetic, structural, and mechanical condition.”

You can contact Harps International to buy, sell, rent or trade harps.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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