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Isolde Isolde



The Isolde is available in two styles.  The Celtic Style Isolde is wonderfully light, has folk gauge Alliance strings, and a clear, dynamic sound, all of which make this model a dream choice for Celtic music.  The Classical Isolde is equipped with fluorocarbon strings providing the string tension of concert harps and the rich, deep tone quality desired for classical repertoire.

The range of both Isoldes is extended to the 38 strings of modern harps, and firmly anchor it in the here and now.  With a bass register of great depth and bewitching power, and a supple yet firm touch, the Isolde will offer you incomparable pleasure, as well as great diversity in your musical choices.

Height:  55 inches

Weight:  29.5 pounds

Range:  38 strings C00 down to D26: Celtic Style Model in Alliance Folk Gauge; Classical Style Model in Fluorocarbon Classic Gauge.     C27 down to A36: lever harp wires

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