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We are exceptionally proud to represent and distribute all five

models of John Pratt’s wonderful hand-crafted harps throughout

the US as well as internationally. The initial model, which he produced, the “Chamber Harp”, is based on Sam Pratt’s (“Affairs of the Harp”) original “Dauphine”.  John's harps, available in a choice of woods, use

concert strings at concert tension, and have a rich quality sound

and excellent reliability.  All models come with a 5-year warrantee.

The original Pratt model, the Chamber harp is a concert tension lever harp with excellent sound.

The Debutante is a suitable begining harp, smaller and lighter 

The Empress is an elegant harp with excellent response under the harpists fingers and a superb sound.

The Princessa, being lighter and smaller than the Empress model, is intended for beginning harpists of any age.

The Sprite is a portable harp with high quality sound. 

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