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Harps International has represented Triplett Harps across the US and Canada for the past 18 years and we are proud of our being privileged to do so. We also have the exclusive distribution rights in Japan and have had great success in making people aware of these excellent harps that range in size from the 22 String Zephyr to the 38 string Eclipse. Triplett makes available a large selection of models and sizes as well as enhancements such as laser engraving, inlay, marquetry and abalone shell inlay all available in many designs from celtic to religious. The sound quality of the Triplett harps is legendary. 

The Celtic II is the further development of its predecessor, the Celtic


The Christina Therapy lap harp is the ultimate in a portable harp.

The premier harp from Triplett’s line of legendary harps


Triplett's Sierra 30 harp is designed with a narrow, hardwood sound body suitable for a harpist of any age. 

The Triplett’s Sierra 34 is an ideal harp for a harpist on the move!


As it’s name suggests, this harp is Triplett’s signature design


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