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Types of harps: What is the difference between pedal and lever harps?

The pedal harp is the larger, more robustly constructed type of harp, which features seven foot-pedals at the base of the harp by which the harpist controls the half steps (pitch changes) by octaves. The pedal harp has more capability to handle chromatic passages in music. See them here:logo-hui-D41B3E-web-tinybutton

The lever harp (also called Celtic or Irish harp) is smaller than a pedal harp with levers at the tops of strings to manually control the half steps (pitch changes) for each individual string. Lever harps range between 22 and 38 strings, often have a lighter tension of strings, and may be used to play traditional folk music. View them here: Harps International logo

A lap harp is a smaller, lightweight lever harp, usually held in the lap of the harpist and generally having fewer than 25 strings. Click the following links to see a couple of examples:

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How much does it cost?

Harps vary greatly in cost. Lever harps cost from about $1200 to about $6000 depending on size, construction, decorations and makers. Pedal harps are generally in the price range of $10,000 and up, depending on the above-mentioned factors, as well. Click here to find the harp you would like, and contact us to discuss the various options for acquiring the harp that is right for you:

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Can I rent a harp?

Yes, Harps Unlimited International rents harps on daily or longer terms bases. We also offer the Rent-to-Own option, so that the rent you pay each month is credited to the purchase of the harp. Check our Rental/RTO page Harps International logo for more details.

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How can I sell my old harp?

We offer the possibility of purchasing your harp from you, depending on certain specific conditions about your harp. We also offer the possibility of selling your harp on consignment for you. Contact us to discuss the details about this Harps International logo.

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Will you deliver a harp?

We deliver harps for a fee and can ship almost everywhere in the world. Tell us where you are located and we can give you an idea of the cost Harps International logo.

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